I just got my office at home set up and also setting up dual monitor for my Macbook Pro. Here’re some tricks that I found during the set up

  • Free software to access task bar from the other screen
  • Move task bar/menu bar to another screen

Free software to access task bar from the other screen

I came from Windows system where I could put Mail application on one screen and whatever application i’m working on on the other screen and I still can access both menu bars/task bars on each screen. Well, Mac OS X UI sucks when it comes to multi-monitor. There’s only one task bar and it’s fixed to one screen. If I move Mail App to 2nd screen and want to access it’s menu, guess what, the menu is on the 1st screen, so be ready to drag cursor across 2 screen to get to menu.

Here’s the solution, not the perfect one, but close. It’s a software called “Deja Menu“. The way it works is that it lets you set a combination keys (I set mine to Shift+Command+Z) and it will pop up menu bar at your mouse cursor.

I also have Logitech mouse with extra button below scroll wheel that can be set using Logitech software to mimic combo keys, set it to Deja Menu combo keys and I got an easy way to access the menu.

Move task bar/menu bar to another screen

As you already know, menu/taskbar is fixed to one screen. I have nice 26″ LCD as my 2nd screen that has really nice resolutions at 1920×1200 and I want to use it as my main one; compare to 1440×900 on my Macbook Pro 15.4″ screen, I wish they put 1920×1200 in this model, 1920×1200 on 15.4″ laptop, that’s perfect!

Mac OS X has a way to move the whole task bar/menu bar to the other screen but it’s not well known to users. To do this, go to “System Preferences” then “Display” settings. Select “Arrangement” and drag the menu bar from one screen to another (drag the one in the preference window, not the actual menu bar. Took me 5 minutes trying the move the actual one on the top. -_-“)

Now one more complain about Mac OS X UI and Adobe applications. I always have Photoshop and Dreamweaver open at the same time since one of my main job is cutting Photoshop file into HTML/CSS. In Microsoft Windows, I can have Photoshop on one screen and Dreamweaver on another, PERFECT! But Mac OS X? I couldn’t do that easily, all panels, all windows are floating everywhere. It’s like Adobe program these applicationsto be used in the main screen only in Mac OS X.

vijay says:

Hey Thanx man.. its like miracle to me.. i was serchin for this solution for long time.. now i got it … THANX AGAIN.. 🙂

ravi says:

yeah, grate article! I’ve been serching for that simple solution witch switching photoshop to second sreen.

Thanks man!